Klangio Secures Funding

Klangio has successfully closed its first round of funding provided by the Start-up BW Pre-Seed Program of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The start-up was supported by the high-tech business network and start-up accelerator Cyber Forum, which acted as a partner for the necessary preparation of the application documents and the pitch presentation. In addition, the […]

Music Science

Everything You Need To Know About ASMR

The latest trend that has been surfacing on the internet for a while now is that of ASMR; more simply put, people uploading videos of them whispering into the camera, tapping, blowing, scratching, crinkling, buzzing and several other actions which aren’t quite significant otherwise but seems to stimulate an experience in our bodies that is […]

Music Tech

Predicting the Future of Music Industry

If we are to name one industry that has witnessed a constant growth amidst all the raging economic and social upheavals, then it would inevitably be that of music. If reports are to be believed, the revenue collected by the industry in 2018 and 2019 alone shows an increase of 10% that is by $4.6 […]


How to Compose Music

Let us first all take a moment and appreciate the labor and creativity that goes into composing a piece of music. Accept it or not, most of us, at some point in our lives, have wished to create a track all by ourselves that reflects our solitary taste and complements our interpretation of the same. […]

Music History

History of Music Therapy

For some of you, music therapy may appear as a new profession. But stats reveal that certain countries have used the immense potential of music therapy for more than 70 years. Some experts even reveal that music therapy has been around as long as the existence of humanity. If you are interested to know more […]

Music Science

Improving Your Vocal Performance

Singers and musicians are greatly dependent on their vocal performance. But they often forget to care about this important instrument. It is important to understand that your voice is not just a random sound coming out of your mouth. It is basically a complex muscular system that works in coherence with signals generated by your […]

Music History

Music Composition – A Brief History

Everything today, that is classified as aesthetic has been injected with a certain genre of a musical note in it; in literature, especially, you will find the mention of this characteristic. Since the earliest of times, Churches and several religious groups employed music as their chief means to propagate historic tales and reverence so that […]

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