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Our innovative apps enable you to create sheet music easy and fast!

We are a start-up based in Karlsruhe that has set itself the goal of establishing artificial intelligence in the world of music, and thus enabling musicians worldwide to transcribe their favourite music pieces fully automatically.

Artificial intelligence in music? That’s right! Because music doesn’t just move us humans. The AI registers the sounds and converts them fully automatically into sheet music. Played, Heard, Printed.

What is the underlying magic? We use a deep learning method for audio processing. This means that we have taught our AI to process notes by using millions of examples from music. Therefore, our AI doesn’t just register sounds, but is able to understand the musical structure. Clever, isn’t it?

Music transcription made for everyone






Piano Transcription


piano2notes was developed especially for the transcription of piano pieces and is therefore particularly precise. Whether you want to record your own composition or play an existing piece: piano2notes is the perfect tool for you to play with precision or to bang on the keys.

You are not yet 100% convinced? You can also use the program for free and transcribe music up to 30 seconds long.

Piano2Notes Mobile App and Website
Universal Transcription

melody scanner

Whether violin, guitar or saxophone: Melody Scanner is the universal tool for transcribing a wide range of instruments. You can have audio files, microphone recordings or even YouTube videos converted into sheet music. Editing the score directly in the browser to give the piece your own personal touch is also possible.

Melody Scanner Website and Mobile App
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Customer Reviews

Rasamoelina M.
Rasamoelina M.
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Great application, very intuitive, easy to use and with an error rate of only 10%. Thanks to the creator, thanks to this app I no longer have to search the internet for sheet music.
Luis B.
Luis B.
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A great tool for working and experimenting with notes. I am amazed and very positively surprised. Have wonderful moments with it.
Rauf K.
Rauf K.
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Dear developers, I don't know how to express my feelings to you. As a Music teacher and performer I was looking for such a program like this. And you did it!!! Bravo.
Timothy P.
Timothy P.
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I absolutely love it. I wanted to turn music into notes, and the app does it well...THANKS